Standard Deep Drawn Shell “Smoke Eliminator” Catalyst for Self Cleaning Electric Ovens

Standard industry usage deep drawn shell configuration with universal mounting hole configurations – ‘one-size-fits-all’ – for self cleaning electric ovens

Deep drawn shell made from aluminum or aluminized steel as allowed by UL

Ceramic catalyst substrate coated with Pt and Pd with a catalyst auto ignition temperature of 400 degrees F

Converts un-burnt food contents and CO at 95%+ to carbon dioxide and water, during the self cleaning process

Round Hole catalyst design ~ 60% open flow thru area

Square hole catalyst design, if more flow thru is needed, ~ 70% open flow thru area

Ceramic based substrate and Pt/Pd coating designed for a 20+ year life, vs. metal substrate typically lasting 2 to 3 years

Optional extension available as shown above

Complete vent system can be designed and added to smoke eliminator thru our capabilities in sheet metal and resistance welding of flue type boxes instead of aluminized tubing for both gas and electric oven application